Sunday, March 25, 2007

London Calling

I'm excited for tomorrow because that's the day to get on a plane to see Kristi!! I have been waiting for this for months, and finally it is here. I actually have butterflies, like the feeling when you get when you were a kid and it was Christmas Eve and you knew you'd be getting a butt load of presents cause you had been exceptionally excellent that year. that's how excited I am.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

back in the saddle again

I'm home! After three days of driving, with a hike through Arches and a walk through a petroglyph park in Albuquerque, I and my Aunt made it home to Texas. So far we have been showing her around different sites (and quite a few quilt shops), with my favorite site being the Sixth Floor Museum. The museum was of JFK's presidency, death, and legacy. I didn't know that the inspiration for the Civil Rights Act came from his administration, nor did I know that the governor was shot with him. The museum was certainly solemn and humbling. There was a section where they had the layout of the trauma unit of Parkland, and having worked in one, I could picture the chaos and desperation of the health care workers. Even with a bullet to the brain, the charge nurse readied the OR room and neurology team. Over a dozen doctors were in the room likely racking their brain with every last radical effort to save the president's life. If you haven't been I highly recommend it.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

my roommate has cojones

while watching a clothing commercial my roommate Lisa asked "what would you do if I came home wearing that?"

Brandi's response was "i'd call you a whore and throw you off the balcony"

Monday, March 05, 2007

what occupies my thoughts

have you ever confused the measurements between time and money? For example today I counted out six dimes and thought that was a dollar. And this isn't the first time I've done that. I must have skipped out on the counting day(s) in first grade.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

thank the heavens for hot men

I was flying home from my little visit to Philadelphia and as luck would have it I was sitting by a gorgeous man on the plane. He was tall (much taller than me), beautiful brown eyes, muscular physique, excellent jaw line (cause that's what every woman looks for in a man). an electrical engineer (and I have to admit, I find geeks attractive). the only thing a bit off was teeth (sorry Kristi), but his smile wasn't all that bad.

so for four hours we chatted on and off. and i must say it was good to get back in the game of flirting. It has been a bit of time since I put forth the effort so honestly I was a bit rusty. at times it was obvious that I was clueless to the signals that are so often used outside of Utah to communicate interest. I'd like to blame that on my religion. just think of it. my church isn't for members going to local bars or clubs to pick up on men, so for us folk we participate in inane and at times ridiculous activities to flirt with the opposite sex. examples include backwards bowling, partner scripture chases (which I miserably fail at), and something involving dog obstacle courses. I'm not completely trying to negate all of the social activities that LDS people come up with. Some days I do feel like a good board game or a three-legged race. But mostly, I just want an actual date in which the man has invested his time.

I think the best date I've ever been on was with Mark. He worked at the Museum of Art and he knew I direly wanted to see the new Egyptian exhibit, but because of my classes, it was virtually impossible to go. So one night he cooks me dinner (and having served in Italy, he was good at cooking pasta dishes) and it looks lovely and tastes delicious. He then says he has a surprise and escorts me to his car and opens the door (typical of men to do here in happy valley, but nonetheless something I notice and appreciate) and a few minutes later we pull up to the MOA. Taking me in the back way, we are paged into the security unit by a fellow apparently in on the surprise and Mark hands me a flashlight. We walk past the unit, through a set of doors and through a dark hallway. All of a sudden we step into the Egyptian exhibit. Nicely done, Mark, I think to myself. It is almost completely dark but for a few low lights. We turn on our flashlights and he proceeds to take me through the entire exhibit telling me interesting little snippets for some of the pieces. Couldn't have been more perfect.