Monday, March 24, 2008

the hair cut

Due to the melting of my brain, I've reverted to using excerpts from emails I've written to friends. This beauty comes from part of an email I wrote to Kristi explaining my spring break:

So this past week was way more busy than I expected, but it was all so much fun. It started last Friday when Mandy and I went to get hair cuts at a place called Bubbles. That morning I thought I woke up late for my e med test (my clock said 8:13 and they stop handing out the tests at 8:15). So I got dressed and ran to the school, swung open the door to the exam room to find it completely empty. I had a moment of panic thinking that everyone finished the test in the 8 minutes it took me to get over there, but when I looked at the clock it said 7:21 am. I realized I must of hit the hour button on my clock to set it ahead. By the way, I had fallen asleep with my my hair braided into tiny braids (the night before I was trying anything to help me keep awake while studying) so when I was running to the test I was frantically trying to unweave the dread locks. imagine this white girl tearing out her hair in the city of minorities. My doorman, paper man, and security guard at the school all had a good laugh. To top it off, when I unraveled the last braid, my hair was the size of Bon Jovi's hairdo circa 1987. So I end up going to my hair appointment sporting a muppet on my head. good times. She ended up cutting like 4 inches off (it had gotten sooooo long, down to the small of my back), and it is so much more manageable and still long.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

news news news

So today our class celebrated receiving our official assignments for clinical rotations. I didn't realize how big of a deal it was until our director broke out the champagne to ring it in. Personally, I think they just needed an excuse to 1) polish off the left overs from St. Patty's, 2) nurse the hangovers and 3) throw back one before noon. I love it here.

And now, for my official rotations. Drum roll please... And the winners are:

Surgery in New Britain, CT
Peds in Waterbury, CT
Ob/Gyn in Dover, DE
Psych in Olean, NY
ER in Reading, PA
Internal Med in Hershey, PA

Though I'll be living out of suitcases till February 2009, I'm beyond excited to try out these new places to see if I might potentially want to settle down here.

I also found out today that our school is going to be one of the forty eight to compete at the National Academy of Physician Assistants Student Challenge Bowl! And I'm on the team! What's the Challenge Bowl, you ask? No, it's not a jousting tournament with your local crapper. It's a competition against 47 other PA programs, with three people on a team and the winner gets fame, fortune, and... well, pretty much nothing. Which I think is something to drink over, so raise your glasses. Here's to not getting knocked out in the first round!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

cry for help

So I've volunteered to cook Easter dinner for about a dozen friends and I've decided to have roasted chicken and honey baked ham (to appease those that must have pork on Christ's day... yeah, he was a Jew). I've got two good recipes for the meat, but I have virtually no recipes for good sides. So here's a plea to all you dear friends for your stellar recipes for veggies/potatoes/anything else that you'd think would be good with los main courses.

Second: my friends Mandy and Soren are getting married and since they plan on having some sort of DJ at their wedding, they are asking for music suggestions. Got any?

I recognize two favors in one post is a tall order, but I know you have mad skills. many thanks.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

loved it

Just came home from a concert with Sons of William as the opening for Griffin House. I HIGHLY recommend both... picture Tom Petty meets Travis.

(Thanks to Heather and Andrew for the introduction)

Saturday, March 01, 2008

this stuff actually happens

Last night while heading to dinner I watched a car pull away from a gas pump with the hose still attached! And it started to drive off with the handle jetting out from the side and the hose flopping around before finally noticing and pulling over. Jen and I were surprised to see that gas didn't spray everywhere, and even more so that the attendant lazily strolled to the car as if nothing happened... must happen a lot.