Tuesday, August 24, 2010

K, so my poem writing skills are no good. But I thought no harm in trying.

The reason why I wrote it was actually because of a patient of mine that made a few crucial mistakes and wound up dealing with HUGE consequences. And it's kind of disheartening to see these young girls where puberty hit so early while their emotional capacity lags behind in childhood. And these girls, usually pressured by hormone filled guys, experiment with adult subjects far sooner than they should. And that leads to worse decisions that leave lasting emotional scars. It really does. Seeing perimenopausal women still become tearful about having an abortion as a teen is literally heart wrenching. To carry that weight for decades... I can't imagine.

well, so next poem will not be as heavy.

Friday, August 13, 2010

hi folks. k, so I'm trying my hand at writing a poem, and I'd like some feedback. a fwe of the lines need some work. I'd love ideas if you'd like to share

(title to be continued...)

I thought I loved you, but I was not sure;
though you seemed so through and through.
For those cliché lines poured from your lips
with such strength and confidence that sip by sip
I drank, and my doubts dissipated as you lured
me cunningly in with each intoxicating word.

Jiggers of promises, like liquid courage, filled
me with drunken anticipation. Yet, oaths spilled
from your soul seeming so honest and true,
in the light of sobriety showed the subtle proof.

The somber realization ensuing the altered sense
Left fixed scars sustained while under the influence.