Friday, December 26, 2008

sounds like...

I'm currently home in Texas for the holidays visiting my folks. It's been entertaining to say the least,mostly because of the funny slips of the tongue that are oh-so infamous in the Cummings clan.

For example, during Christmas Eve dinner at Macaroni Grill, we started talking about places we've always wanted to visit, and I mentioned how I want to go see the Northern Lights in Canada. I also let them know how I've been taking mini-trips during my rotations, and my Mom chimed in by saying "Well, on one of those trips, Jackie, you can go see the Areola."

A moment passed until the full weight of the comment sunk in at the table, and suddenly an explosion of laughter rang out from the two of us.

Me: "Mom, do you mean Aurora Borealis"

classic Mom.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

ornaments and organized religion

I just came home from a night at the Goggleworks, a community arts center in Reading, where I was both academically and pseudo-ecumenically educated. I participated in a hot glass blowing workshop in which I created an ornament to give to my dad for Christmas. Each year he asks for the same thing, that being Peace, and since he knows there's a slim chance of fulfilling the request in its entirety, he asks that the monetary gift be handmade. Well a girl can only make so many scarfs/hats/cards before she runs out of good ideas. Thus, the class. Actually, I love that he asks for that because it gives me an excuse to do something new and fun and not feel a lick of guilt for not studying.

After the class I wandered over to the main building to see what new independent film they were showing, and as luck would have it, Bill Maher's new movie Religious was playing. Since the class ran a little late, I missed the first half hour of it, but the part that I did see was enough to realize that though there were a few quick witted comments and partial truths, Maher wasn't openly looking for alternatives to his view on religion, or lack thereof. He pushed his own agenda with sounds bites and montages from people of various faiths and his diatribe at the end felt completely disjointed and hoaxy. I usually don't love Fox news, but in this case this review of the movie nailed it on the head. My critique: go for a few laughs if you've got nothing else to do, but expect nothing more than to be mildly entertained, and if you're super religious, possibly offended.

Monday, December 01, 2008

guess who's coming to town

My preceptorships are tentatively assigned... and the winners are:

Feb-April: Family Practice at Central Utah Clinic, Provo, Ut

May-August: ED at Reading Hospital, Reading, PA

I'm coming back to Utah!!