Tuesday, July 31, 2007

vagrant disregard for the 8th amendment

I've decided this is the Filipino equivalent to Guantanamo.

ps: my favorite is the Thriller drill.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

I am beyond happy

Why, you ask? I just finished Harry Potter.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Royal Ballet

Mark, Kristina and I attended Romeo & Juliet performed by the Royal Ballet and after the performance it made me realize how much I missed and enjoyed it. My favorite scene was at the end because of the choreography and phenomenal performance by the principles. Romeo, after finding Juliet in the crypt, tries to arise her by dancing with her like he had once done during the balcony scene. I know my description will not do it justice, but just imagine this arrangement with Romeo picking up her unconscious body and gently trying to lift her above his head and she holding that position for just a moment and then slumping to one side with arms dangling. Honestly, I think that the female principle had a harder job in that she had to convince the audience that she was virtually lifeless, yet graceful. Her beautiful performance mixed with his expression of hopelessness and loss just tore at you.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Ugly American

Today I tried out this new lunch shop that I always pass on my way to school. The lady behind the counter showed extreme patience with me when I couldn't make up my mind (I was having one of those days), and seeing my backpack, she said "You a Hahnemann student? I give you 10% discount" and immediately took it off my bill. Nice doesn't cover it.

As I am waiting, a group of four men come in and sit at the stools along the counter. They were each dressed in slacks and a button-up and looked like professional computer geeks. Well, all but one. He screamed faux-yuppie, with shallow pockets and a shallow personality. On his tombstone it will read Plain Rotten. Loud, aggressive, interruptive, defensive, and RUDE are a few words that come to mind. Prime example: The nice lady is serving them their meals and without hesitation he says, "Where's my drink? I thought my meal came with a drink." She informed him that the drinks were self-serve, and pointed out that they were located at the end of the counter. He responds "Well, go down there and get it," to which she explains again that at this establishment you get your own drink. By this time he has moaned for so long that one of his co-workers got up, got his drink (his own drink, not the ugly guy's drink), sat back down, and was half way through with his onion rings.

You could feel the tension in the air and it escalated to the point where it was physically uncomfortable. The lady has a noticeable accent, and the jerk yells out in a mocking way "NO TIP! NO TIP FOR YOU!" He said it so ugly, and with such a belittling tone that I completely lost my appetite. She quickly says "this is a no tip place" and I was really hoping that she'd add "so get the hell out."

end of story: When I left he was still sitting there without his drink.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

First Friday

Every first Friday Old City's galleries and cultural organizations open up their doors and let the public explore for free. I attended this month, and now I know what I will be doing for the rest the firsts for the next year. I started the evening visiting a glass blowing shop complete with a demonstration that required four people to manage one piece. They were making a somewhat large light fixture, and I seriously never knew the amount of work it required. After watching them, I appreciate Chihuly that much more. side note: If you ever go to one wear nothing but your undies, because the heat was overwhelming. At the end of it, I stepped outside into a typical Philly summer and felt refreshed. By the way, the studio offers classes starting in the fall, and even a day class during December to make your own glass ornament. If you get bored at your respective locations you can come take a class with me! I even will let you stay on my deluxe, diamond encrusted, fur lined inflatable twin bed.

Next we wandered around the streets and visited a few more exhibits. We came upon an entrance where a ton of people were gathered, so we squeezed our way in. Come to find out, it was a place called the Old City Jewish Arts Center, and they were about to start dinner. Chris and Alex (the two guys were wandering around with us) didn't want to attend, but Jen and I decided to stay. As we took our seats, I saw this line next to me waiting to wash their hands at a make-shift sink. Interesting, I thought. Investing a little bit more brain power, I realized that Friday night is the Jewish Sabbath and we were right in the middle of their worship service. Gratefully, a lot of people looked like they were in the same boat, so we just stayed where we were (and I'm about 99% positive I took a guy's seat that was standing in the washing line). Luckily, we sat next to a chatty Kathy (or, in this case, a chatty Dan), who attempted to explained everything that was going on. The best way to describe Dan is superficially insightful. He had a laissez faire way about him, with a touch of ambiguous wisdom. He gave explanations such as "everyone around you, for we are all teachers" when asked how many rabbis were in the room. The nice thing, though, was that he politely answered all of my questions, and I got to experience bread pudding made with cinnamon, sugar, broccoli bits, and stacked noodles. I couldn't stop thinking of Friends.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

it's hard to say goodbye

If you have ever had the misfortune of chatting with me on the phone, you'd know how bad I say bye. I absolutely hate it. And probably why I hate it so much is because I entirely suck at it.

How hard can it be? Right? Well, for me, it is something I entirely dread. When I feel the conversation wrapping up, these feelings of anxiousness start to arise deep within my bowels because I just know the moment is coming. And that moment would be when I totally make a fool out of myself trynig to pretend like I know what I'm doing with my "k, talk to you later... I hope your cat starts to feel better... and the weather turns out in your favor... and you have exact change whenever you need it...and" etc. Sad, I know.

So I've been more comfortable with just the "k bye"and I quickly hang up. But I've been told that that is incredibly cruel. Thus, I'm stuck in between a rock and a hard place.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


My beach cruiser has run away!

Color: Orange, grey, and a splash of white

Seven speed (the fifth speed clicks a little)

handle breaks


Those leading to the safe return of miss bike will be handsomely rewarded.