Thursday, May 22, 2008

W. and Arnold give There Will Be Blood a little facelift

best part- listen for the line "that's a weapon of mass destruction!"

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

medical rite of passage

I performed my first male and female reproductive exams this evening and before walking through those exam room doors I was sure this would be the most uncomfortable experience ever, but after finishing, it wasn't at all what imagined.

There's a group called META whose members specialize in teaching medical students how to do a proper exam by being the patient. Though that sounds liked it'd be so awkward to have the guy that I'm examining directing me what to do, it was probably the best feedback I've ever gotten. and since I was in the room with three other fantastic students, the set up was just what I needed to keep the nerves at bay.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

heavy metal with a different kind of hook

Yeah, I just caught myself crocheting to Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven. that's a new one.

Monday, May 05, 2008


My friend Aubrey just finished her dissertation in anthropology and it's official, she's now Doctor Baadsgaard. How cool to be completely done with school. While she's wrapping up a few things she's been staying at my place for the past week. So I've been spending most of my days with her either exercising, shopping, exercising, chatting, exercising, or eating (yeah, she's a HUGE gym buff). Needless to say, she's a tough cookie packed in 100 lbs of muscle and bone. She's helping me to be equally as tough, and to start things off she's given me the nickname of "Jack The Smack." no joke. With that, I think I can quit school and try out for a spot on WWF.

On Saturday, we went to get groceries at Trader Joe's and the check-out guy had a name tag with "X-Box" on it. She questions him if that's his real name. He responds with a story of how he and his brother in college stayed up for countless hours playing Halo 2, thus the birth of the nickname. I mention my new one, and I think to get the full picture we need some quotes.

Me, joking with X-Box: Yeah, she gave me the nickname Jack the Smack.

X-Box completely stops scanning the groceries and stares at me like I just erased his high scores. He then turns his shock to tiny Aubrey and I can see him debating in his head whether to call protective services on me or just give her the keys to his getaway car out back.

Me, with a terrified look: Wait! I don't hit people! She gave me that name to toughen me up... If you knew me, you'd know big of a pansy I am... (as I trail off)... really, uh, pansy's my middle name....

Finally, after multiple confirmations from Aubrey that indeed I am a chicken, he starts to warm up to me again. But that look he gave was priceless.

Friday, May 02, 2008

free at last, free at last!

I've officially finished my didactic year of PA school with flying colors! YAY!! I'm done... with the first year, that is. But I think that's not too shabby. Now I get to relax for two weeks, and that includes a book list as long as my foot, a house to clean, a cute shoulder bag to make (I'd like to thank etsy for the inspiration), a little pampering, and lots and lots of naps. like the one i'm gonna take right. now.