Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day 2

"The Constitution only guarantees the American people the right to pursue happiness.  You have to catch it yourself."  -Benjamin Franklin

1. I'm grateful for:
    a. my Aunt being so flexible with my schedule
    b. friends that support me with my marathon training schedule
    c. a ridiculously adorable nephew and family in Halloween costumes

2.  I watched a documentary today about happiness, something I've absolutely loved studying since I discovered the field of positive psychology.  Working in a military town for the past few years, I dealt heavily with psychological disorders. I consistently sought better ways to help my patients empower themselves to live a healthier, happier life.  Wanting to test out the theories and tools from my research, I was my first test subject.  Yep, I would have totally been that guy that discovered H. pylori caused stomach ulcers by drinking a full glass of the nasty bacteria.  So I implemented the recommendations including balancing my life/work schedule, investing/building my social relationships, exercising consistently, keeping a journal, and developing a more meaningful relationship with my Heavenly Father (it's so funny to see the variety of labels the scholarly authors put on God... Spiritual Being, Higher Power, etc. Call Him what you will, He exists).  It is an understatement to say that these changes empowered me not only in my practice, but my personal life.  There's something to be said about looking a patient square in the eyes and solidly testifying that these techniques actually work.  I will forever be deeply grateful for those years of my life.

3. Exercise: Wii Fitness (Just Dance) for 30 min, trick or treating (counterproductive, no?) ;)

4. Meditation video

5. Random Act of Kindness: sent a letter thanking an old friend who helped me find ways to serve while was in Texas.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Day 1

1. Gratitude:
    a. finding the motivation to hang the rest of the wall photos
    b. friends inviting me to a ball
    c. having the time to paint my toenails

2.  It's amazing how something as simple and unexpected as classical music can be a soothing balm for a wounded heart.  Don't you worry, typical heartbreak.  It is so very difficult to end a relationship to a good man, a worthy man, that you know in your heart of hearts... he's just not the right fit.  At least at this time.  Who knows what the future will hold, but I realized that you marry the man who he is today, not something you hope he will become in the future.  Though I know I did the wounding to the both of us, it still can significantly hurt.  And so I was listening to a TED talk where a violinist started to play, and it was like instant water to desert soil.  No joke.  Needless to say, I was completely shocked; it stopped me dead in my tracks as I was cleaning the house.  I tested it out with Brahms, Mozart, Handel, Bach, even Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture.  The only one that was a definite nope was Orff's O Fortuna.  Offenbach's Barcarolle was especially soothing.  And so I am very grateful for this new discovery of classical music soothing a soul.

3.  Exercise: Dancing

4. 15 min Meditation Video

5. sent a text to a friend

I Choose Joy

It's been a minute since you've seen me around the block.  And I'd like to think quite a bit has changed over the years since my last post.  I've moved to SLC, and will be starting with the U of U.  I have a few weeks before my first day, and thought over this next little bit I'd take on the challenge of finding the good in life.  It all started with this TED talk.

5 Positive Points:

1. 3 New Points of Gratitude
2. Journal about one positive experience that occurred over the past 24 hrs
3. Exercise
4. Meditate
5. A Random Act of Kindness

So for the next 21 days I commit to sharing the positive in my little life.  :)