Wednesday, May 30, 2007

time is not on my side

How is it that every morning I am late. doesn't matter what, when, or why. late for school, late for a date. late for, oh, everything. and lately it is not that I am really late, just by a minute or so (Kristi I have improved from the days of high school), and I walk up to find everyone is sitting in class all prepared with their damn laptops out or their stupid pencils and paper. I hate those people.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

four diet cokes and all the critters in the sea

I just got home from a fantastic night full of great conversation, excellent food, and much needed relaxation. A fellow from class invited me to a bar called Standard Tap, which was quite different than any bar I had ever been to (all two of them). It was louder than the pub outside West Dean and more chic than the Fox Sports Bar (you might be thinking that it doesn't take much to be more chic than a sports bar, but it did have style). So it was him and his wife and then another couple and me, which sounds like it would be awkward for me. But it wasn't at all. Both girls are originally from Eastern Europe and one is in her second year of med school and I knew that it was going to be a good night when a socialist and a capitalist sat down at the same table. I've never seen the topic of health care discussed with such zeal between friends that had the exact opposite viewpoint. Come to find out that Doug (the fellow from class) has lived outside the states for years, is fluent in Russian, and has hopes for the country to be more like Canada (at least concerning health care).

We had fried oysters (delicious), calamari, and monkfish. I'd never expect that the bar would have such good food (especially seafood), but apparently some shellfish bring out the flavors of quality beer. Who knew?

Monday, May 21, 2007

some things in life are free

My mom and I had a great time out in Dutch country. So much so that she is actually considering living on a Mennonite farm for part of the summer/fall. She said to me while driving home "I think I could be Amish" and I burst out laughing.

Next story:

I dropped her off at the airport today and caught the train back to the city center. As I was walking out of the station a tall guy from behind me said in a booming voice "Excuse me miss..." Thinking I dropped something I turn to hear him continue "I was wondering if you wanted to go with me to a free dinner this week." Looking dumbfounded I said "who, me?" to which he replied "Yeah, it's free." I politely declined but had to give him props for being so bold as to ask out a total stranger. Yet, I really wanted to help him with his tactics. So I've thought of a few pointers:

Try to avoid emphasizing that the meal during the date will be free. Unless it's from a dumpster. Then explicitly point that out, because, boy, will you be in for a surprise when she strands your butt on the street.

Don't approach people from behind and start asking out their backpack.

Strike up a conversation while on the train when you've got a captive audience. literally.

Lastly, try not to stand so close as to scare your potential date. Introducing yourself is usually not the time to make your move.

Friday, May 18, 2007

so so sorry

Dear readership (all three of you):

I beg for your forgiveness for not bloging for a month. No excuse can make up for my lack, but I now have access to the internet at home and at school so now you'll have more of me to love.

I've started my program and so far it's do-able. I want to know how everyone is doing. Annalise, how is SLC and the apartment? Kristin, how is the job and what have you been up to? Jenny, when do you move out here to the East coast? have you found a place to live? and Kristi, have you been relaxing after a exhaustive break?

Well, I'm off this weekend with mom to go to Lancaster County. I'm going to see a concert with Pickett and the Union Gap and The Association