Wednesday, November 05, 2008

nut, nut, who'se got the nut?

I've wrapped up the end of my time served in inpatient psychiatry at Olean, NY and if you've ever wondered where the mullet originated from, you needn't look further. Other firsts in this city include knick-knacks, psychotic patients, and my personal favorite, massive ceramic squirrels. Does anyone else see a correlation?

You may think I'm kidding about the squirrels, and I would've been right on that disbelieving boat with you. But, friends, I have been there. I have seen. I have had nightmares. And here is my proof (I named a few):

Disco Ball Ben: Small Town Bugsy:

Mr. Money Bags:
Incognito Irnia:

Possibly the most terrifying of all the squirrels, whom I call the Godfather:


Honolulu Hal:
Nurse Betsy:
Surgeon Sam:

And of course we can't forget Santa Squirrel:
and his back side: