Saturday, December 30, 2006


Since I worked for Christmas Eve and Christmas day, yesterday and today are the substitutes. Yesterday evening we went to a sushi place that was delicious and quaint. That afternoon I went to see DreamGirlz with Kristi, Kristin, and Jenny, and I must say that the movie will be a surprise to those who watch it. Warning: Expect impromptu singing dialog at any moment.

This morning I learned how to cook lasagna and I think we may play a few games. If you have never palyed games with my family you must still have a shread of respect for us. Just ask Kristi, we become completely competitive and viscious. I am excited to see who cries first.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Monday, December 11, 2006

Thursday, December 07, 2006

the most wonderful time of the year

I love this season when the christmas tree glows in the living room, people bring by cookies for the fun of it, and songs play on the radio that i know the words to.

I especially like this time of the year because it's when i get to participate in some of my favorite family traditions. Growing up my dad and I used to attend the local sing-in of Handel's Messiah. This year I flew solo and heard it at the Provo Tabernacle last Saturday, and I must say the soprano was the best I have ever heard in my life. well done, soprano lady, well done.
Overall, it was two sections sung by the base that hit home. I must of never payed much attention to them before because this is the first year the words had meaning. The sections were Behold, I tell you a mystery and The trumpet shall sound. I suggest listen to it (along with Worthy is the Lamb).

In the program was a synopsis of the life of Handel and how he was inspired to write such a influential piece. It states:
"The time he received the libretto for Messiah was the lowest point of his career. He was suffering from serious illness, extreme financial difficulties, and constant overwork. Thus, Messiah is a masterpiece born of deep despair and humility."

I don't know about you folks, but this past year was one of the most trying of my life. I recognize I am young and that saying that sounds pretentious and silly. But for me it has been a tough one. It gives me comfort to know that even those considered the "greats" of our time felt the strains of daily life, and hope seeing that in our lowest moments our most important work can come from us.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


as we all know, my brother is a player. nix that, he is a man whore. yesterday i called him up to let him know what time dinner was.

he answers. "Hell0"
me: "Hey brother. dinner is at 5:10"
-giggles of girl in background
me: "you busy?"
greg: "yeah"
me: "so which one is this, the eight year old" (side note: he is dating someone who is 18)
greg: "uh huh"
long pause...
me: "well, i gotta go"
greg: "k." (but when he said "k" it was muffled like someone was sucking his face)
me: "are you making out with a girl with your sister on the phone?!?!"
greg: uncontrollable laughing, cummings's style
-disgusted, i hung up


i'll work on it

i have been a bit busy these past few weeks, and i have some good news. so far i have been invited to interviews at three schools including St. Francis, Drexel, and Arizona. I am waiting on my top two choices including U of U and Southwestern. But let's be honest, i don't have three years health care experience, so little hope at the U of U. and with my GRE score, the folks at Southwestern know why I always am allowed to get the kid's meal at Fudrucker's. i'm special.

Other events include creating my own theory in my psychology class (it sure looks a lot like Newman and Newman's theory, but with a little Erickson and Freud added in). i have also been trying to write and grade two exams for the parasitology class. Thus, the busy week with no writing.

i know what you're thinking... lame excuses, jackie, for not writing, but i promise i'll work a little harder this week.