Monday, April 07, 2014

13, 14, 15, &16

I've been thinking quite a bit about the concept of light.  It started with this talk from last week's Women's General Meeting from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:

Charity, a dear friend of mine, invited me to go and will I forever be grateful for that invite.

At the beginning of her talk, Sister Wixom invited the younger girls to stand and sing "Teach Me to Walk in the Light."  The conference center was peppered with countless little girls dressed in their best outfits, complete with little bows and sparkly shoes.  As they stood up timidly at first, glancing back at their mothers with shy smiles, Sister Wixom start to hum the first few notes of the song, and as she did so, the conference started to fill with these tiny voices of pure love. Innocent, heart overflowing voices that, as humble as they sang, pierced me to the core.

We joined in on the second verse "Come little child and together we'll learn..."  So many thoughts flooded me.  Of my future family and the realization that I will one day bring my little girl to future gatherings and hopefully have her experience such a moment.  Of my duty to be a leader to these impressionable minds. Of the truth that in that moment they were entirely teaching me how to walk in that light.

It reminded me of the power to change.  To choose to dwell in the light.

It's a developing thought, one that I plan on researching over this next bit.

Friday: stairs at work
Saturday: walk the three miles to and from conference
Sunday: 30 minute walk before Sunset

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