Thursday, April 03, 2014

8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Getting ready to walk out of work yesterday after a very busy and very productive day, I was finishing up a few tasks when Dr. A called from his desk "There's been another shooting at Fort Hood..."
"Excuse me?" I said, my voice laced with disdain as I thought he was somehow kidding with April Fool's recently in our wake.
"Yeah, it's on the news," he said, more sensitivity in his voice.
One look at his face and I saw this was no joke.

Now I know there are thousands of soldiers on Fort Hood, around 70,000 to be more accurate.  But I couldn't help the immediate concern I had for my friends back home.  I consider them family, really.  How I learned to so much from them... how I changed so, so much for the better simply by loving and serving them, and letting them love me.  I know it sounds cheesy, but there is something to be said when you get to the point with people that you drop all barriers and be your real self with them.

And so my stomach dropped as I reached for the phone.  First call, and then second.  And that was far to slow, so here is one of those times that I admittedly am grateful for Facebook.  One message later, and fears were abated.

All are safe and accounted for (how I feel for those who were not so lucky).  And my gratitude for each of my soldiers, my fellow friends, is deep tonight.

Sunday:  helped friends move (not a super workout, but I'm counting it)
Monday: walk
Tuesday: Spinning class and additional core class
Wednesday: Stairs
Thursday: calisthenics

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